Twin-Screw Extruders

Twin-Screw Extruders

B&P Littleford twin-screw extruders, built upon many decades of development and experience, represent the state-of-the-art in compounding. They have well-proven capabilities in applications requiring kneading, dispersive mixing, distributive mixing, and reactive extrusion.

Every B&P Littleford extruder has repeatedly proven itself valuable and sometimes indispensable part of the mixing process in the polymer, chemical and food industries. The breadth of application successes are attributed to the twin screw extruder’s mechanical and process flexibility which allows it to be set up in a variety of mixing configurations and operating conditions. 

B&P Littleford offers three types of twin screw extruders:


BP Series

CT Series


OD/ID Ratio


High Free Volume, Moderate Shear


Medium Free Volume, High Shear


High Free Volume, Low Shear

Specific torque (Nm/cm3)

7 – 14

11.5 – 13.7

6 – 13

Barrel Diameter

19, 30, 40, 50, 65, 80, 100, 125, 160

26, 40, 58, 70, 92, 133


Barrel Design

5D segmented standard, Clam-shell opening optional, XLT design (option)

4D segmented standard

5D segmented standard, Clam-shell opening optional, XLT design (option)


Optimum performance and flexibility

Energy efficiency

Ease of feeding

Proven capability

Consistent performance

Modular construction

Customized to handle unconventional processes

Disclaimer: Due to continuous development, actual parameters may differ slightly from those mentioned in the above table.

BP Twin Screw

BP Twin Screw

B&P Littleford’s sustained focus on offering proven compounding and mixing technology that is reliable, flexible to operate, and easy to maintain resulted in the enhanced BP series extruders.

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CT Twin Screw

CT Twin Screw

B&P Littleford’s CT series extruders are engineering work horses for high torque, high speed compounding applications.

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Specialty Twin Screw

Specialty Twin Screw

B&P Littleford’s Specialty series extruders allow for excellent mixing, optimal degassing, and reliable cooling with high throughput.

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Our extruders are configured to help you innovate, maximize and lead. All B&P Littleford twin-screw extruders are equipped with closely intermeshing self-wiping co-rotating screws for mixing. Modular segmented barrel sections and various types of screw elements offer maximum flexibility and cost effectiveness. Specially adapted upstream equipment for feeding and downstream equipment for pelletizing after mixing further expand the extruders into complete systems. We offer extruders in sizes ranging from those suitable for lab scale testing, to pilot and small production runs, to large-scale manufacturing.

B&P Littleford’s process control system provides visualization functions to regulate and monitor the mixing process in real time. The system is a clearly arranged touch display and membrane keyboard that allows for:

  • Failsafe interlocking
  • Large view of selectable running mixing data using trends representation
  • Fault message system with visual representation and archiving
  • Convenient operating help in clear text
  • Graphic and tabular representation
  • Multi-step login
  • Language change-over
  • Recipe management of all process parameters

The control system can also be tailored to integrate the upstream and downstream components and provide seamless control of the entire line for enhanced operational efficiency.

B&P Littleford offers a complementary range of ancillary equipment as well as customized control system integration to provide you with a comprehensive and optimized turnkey solution. Our coherent design, planning, and execution of the entire compounding and mixing system pays off for you through system components that are harmonized to each other. Contact us today for details on how we can help with running trials at our Tech Center in Saginaw, MI or helping you design your next process line.