Double Sigma Arm Mixers

Double Sigma Arm Mixers

Numerous companies have utilized B&P Littleford Double Arm/Sigma Blade mixing technology for a wide variety of processes in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, plastic, ink/colorants, rubber and adhesives industries.

Double Arm product viscosities can be effectively and efficiently handled from 250,000 cps to 5,000,000 cps.

The design on the double arm mixer extruder features allows for ease of mixing operation, clean up and labor saving advantages.




Customizable Features

B&P Littleford offers a full range of features that can be specified to meet your requirements, including: 

  • Spray injection.
  • E-Z clean shaft seals.
  • Total stainless steel construction with required polish.
  • Direct shaft mount drives.
  • Variable speed motors.
  • Computerized controls.
  • ASME jackets for cooling and heating.
  • Cored agitators for enhanced product temperature control.
  • Tilt or valve discharge.
  • Full vacuum operation.
  • Vacuum equipped packing glands.

The B&P Littleford Double Arm/Sigma Blade Mixer is available in laboratory sizes and production sizes up to 900 gallons. Request a quote for more information or to run your product in our mixing lab at the Saginaw, MI Tech Center.