Productivity and economic growth

B&P Littleford’s technology meets and exceeds the rigorous requirements of the mining industry:

  • Reliable, robust and easy to operate – for optimized operating cost
  • Quality and purity of the final products – for quick return on investment
  • Better environmental compliance with
    • Reduced supplies, consumables and maintenance due to sturdy and longer lasting materials of construction
    • Higher yield, reduced by-products due to efficient operation
    • Energy savings – also indirectly by reducing or eliminating subsequent drying, etc. 
    • Partial application list. Please contact us to discuss your application in more detail.


Application Equipment
Vanadium POD
Potash Pusher
Sodium Sulfate Anhydride Pusher
Magnesium Sulfate Pusher
Epsom Salt Pusher
Ferrous Sulfate Pusher
Zinc Sulfate Pusher
Copper Sulfate Pusher
Sodium Carbonate Pusher
Rock Phosphate Pusher
Rock Salt Pusher
Sea Salt Pusher
Boric Acid Pusher
Minerals Plow Mixer
Iron Ore Plow Mixer
Bentonite Plow Mixer
Gypsum Plow Mixer
Cement Plow Mixer
Clay Plow Mixer
Ferric Oxide Plow Mixer
Calcium Carbonate Plow Mixer
Talc Plow Mixer
Limestone Plow Mixer
Pollucite Plow Mixer
Slag Plow Mixer


Partial application list. Please contact us to discuss your application in more detail.