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In an effort to assist as much as we can, B&P Littleford will make available our equipment and resources in the battle against COVID-19. If your company requires equipment for the extraction or separation of pharmaceutical products or healthcare-related products, or if you require the use of mixing equipment to produce goods to fight this disease, we are prepared to support you. Our experience includes aiding in the production of penicillin, ethromyicin, and more. This will be done at little or no cost to you. Please let us know how B&P Littleford can help win this battle. Click here to read our full statement.

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Mixing / Drying Systems

Whether you’re in the market for continuous processing or batch processing, when it comes to equipment, B&P Littleford has the industrial plant mixing & drying systems you need along with the experienced personnel to set you up for success.

Just like our beginnings a century ago, our equipment is built to last. Additionally, we have service plans available and can teach you the proper maintenance schedule to ensure your mixing and drying systems last for many years. Parts and service are also available in the event of any issues so that your investment can be maintained for the long haul.

While mixing and drying can be accomplished separately as needed for specific applications, mixing-drying equipment offers a significant advantage, decreasing the amount of product required to coat, as well as decreasing the amount of time required to dry. We love to help our customers realize the time and material savings that result from this kind of solution.

Whether you are looking for mixer dryer solutions that offer batch processing or continuous processing, the experienced experts of B&P Littleford are here to help you design a solution that meets your specific requirements. Be sure to request a quote today for any other information you need.

Continuous Processing

Continuous Processing

B&P Littleford offers a few different types of continuous mixing equipment.

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Batch Processing

Batch Processing

B&P Littleford has a wide array of batch processing equipment that is used for mixing, drying, reacting, coating, agglomerating, and more.

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