Plow Mixers & Blenders

Plow Mixers & Blenders

B&P Littleford Horizontal Plow Mixers create a mechanical, fluidized bed mixing action. The mixing tools project and hurl material away from the wall into free space in a crisscross direction, and inversely back again. The plow separates and lifts the product in a three-dimensional motion, while the number and arrangement of the tools insure agitation back and forth along the length of the vessel. The size, number, geometric shape, arrangement, and peripheral speed of the mixing tools are designed to achieve this mixing action for each specific application. When required, the mix action is assisted by high shear chopper devices: independent high-speed motors with customized blades for adding shear to the product mix.

Horizontal Plow Mixer Features

Horizontal plow mixer features for improved cleaning and access:

  • Large doors for full access to the vessel interior
    • Simplifies the task of cleaning difficult applications.
    • Reduces downtime for cleaning.
  • Better discharge capabilities with optional dual or oversized doors.
  • CIP/SIP hardware options available.

This "Easy Clean" design is available for batch or continuous material mixing. The main shaft support bearings are located outside the seals to eliminate contamination between the bearing and the product. B&P Littleford's Split Seal Assembly is designed with beneficial features:

  • No special tools required for cleaning or maintenance.
  • Bearings and drive components are not disturbed for cleaning or maintenance.
  • Split seal assembly can be adapted for vacuum operation.

Our Advantage

B&P Littleford mixing technology provides highly efficient solutions to meet the specific needs of numerous traditional and specialty applications. Our mixing equipment can be engineered and constructed to meet applicable industry standards. Request a quote for more information or to set up a test of your material in this type of machine at our Saginaw, MI Tech Center.