Dispersing Solids For Color Uniformity

Dispersing Solids For Color Uniformity

Plow Mixing for Dispersing Solids

The action in a plow mixer can be enhanced by use of the high-speed choppers to increase dispersive mixing. This can incorporate pigments and dyes to provide a uniform final mixed color. The color developed will be dependent on materials being used. This mixing action is required in cosmetics and prepared food blends.

The chopper's dispersive mixing action can be used to completely incorporate solids into pastes as well. This mixing action can be thought of as creaming sugar into butter/lipids in a baking operation. Various products in different industries can benefit from this type of mixing action.

Having choppers in a plow mixer can also provide reduction of agglomerated solids due to transport or packaging issues. The agglomerated product would be reduced to individual particles in a short time period. Further particle size reduction is dependent on the solids particle fragility which can be determined by testing.

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