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The requirements of pharmaceutical biotechnology sector are extensive – compact design, clear arrangement of the line for aseptic process management, closed product handling, easy access for certified cleaning and low maintenance, reliable compliance with GMP requirements, gentle product treatment, efficient recovery of active ingredients, homogeneity, and reliable scale-up. With equipments designed specifically for this segment, B&P Littleford stands for reliable compliance with these requirements.

With decades of experience in the construction and production of equipment such as batch and continuous mixers, centrifugal extractors and separators for the pharmaceutical industry, B&P Littleford is able to swiftly translate new developments into marketable processes and systems which fully meet the complex requirements of biotechnological processes. 

Application Equipment
Hydrogen Peroxide POD
Fish Oils POD
Antbiotics POD
Penicillin POD
Tylosin POD
Bacitracin POD
Erthromycin POD
Alkaloids POD
Estrogen POD
Lysergic/DCETH POD
Nicotinic Acid POD
Phytochemicals POD
Vitamin A POD
Vitamin C POD
Statins POD
Vaccine Production POD
Anti-cancer drugs POD
Steroids POD
Enzymes POD
Hormones POD
Lysine Pusher
Pharmaceuticals Double Arm
Dental Paste Plow Mixer
API Plow Mixer
Nutraceutical Plow Mixer
Enzymes Plow Mixer
Riboflavin Plow Mixer
Ginseng Plow Mixer


Partial application list. Please contact us to discuss your application in more detail.