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2012 Exporter Of The Year Video

Video Transcript

I'm Larry Slovin, CEO of B&P Process Equipment and Systems. B&P designs and engineers all its own equipment. The machines that we make, the majority of them sell for well over a million dollars. We design each one of them. There's no such thing as a standard piece of equipment. You can't call up and order machine 1-2-3. 
We sell primarily to the chemical, pharmaceutical, energetics, solid rocket fuel, explosive, those type of applications. Over 60% in any given year of our sales are outside of the United States. It could be in Asia, it could be in England, it could be in India, Africa or even Australia. 
When they come in, they have very specialized requirements and our technical people have to interpret the requirements, design it, engineer all the details of all the little parts that have to be made. Then, we have our mechanics in the assembly area that put all of these things together. It's very technical. 
The beauty of B&P is our employees. They all know how to do this as a team and work very well together and they're able to accomplish things that larger companies just can't do. I would say 90% of our employees were born and raised in the Saginaw Valley. The vast majority went to school in Michigan. They either went to SVSU, Michigan State, University of Michigan. It gets pretty exciting here during football season.