Carbon Paste Continuous Kneader

Carbon Paste Continuous Kneader

The B&P Littleford CK-CP Series Continuous Kneader for Carbon Paste is a rotating and reciprocating single-screw extruder designed for efficient mixing of green anode paste at high throughputs. The flights on the Kneader screw are interrupted and interact with three rows of stationary kneading teeth located around and along the barrel wall.

The resulting intermesh weaving pattern between the moving flights and the stationary teeth promotes optimal dispersive mixing and distributive mixing by splitting, folding and reorienting the ingredients. This results in consistent and high quality anode paste due to superb distributive mixing of coke with pitch binder.

Our Advantage

B&P Littleford’s exclusive range of CK-CP series Continuous Kneaders for carbon paste mixing exemplifies our commitment to enabling higher productivity, lower downtime and outstanding reliability. With years of extensive machine and process knowledge and specialized know-how, B&P Littleford prides itself on catering to the aluminum industry with the best-in-class mixing equipment, long-term partnership and rapid and responsive service.

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