Consumer Products

Consumer Products

Whether you’re mixing high-viscosity pastes like chewing gum and toothpaste, or separating fine-grained solids like baking soda there’s a B&P process solution that’s ideally suited to your needs. You can choose a batch mixer for flexibility, or a continuous extrusion system for high throughput – all of our systems are engineered for rugged, reliable performance and a long operating life.

Application Equipment
Cotton Seed Pusher
Adhesives Twin Screw/TriVolution
Sealants Twin Screw/TriVolution
Mastics Twin Screw/TriVolution
Putties Twin Screw/TriVolution
Soaps Twin Screw/TriVolution
Detergents Twin Screw/TriVolution
Toner Twin Screw/TriVolution
Sealants Double Arm
Adhesives Double Arm
Silicone Compounds Double Arm
Abrasives Double Arm
Soaps Plow Mixer
Detergents Plow Mixer
Dental Adhesive Plow Mixer
Tobacco Plow Mixer
Tooth Paste Plow Mixer
Cosmetic Powders Plow Mixer
Grouting Materials Plow Mixer
Lipstick Plow Mixer
Powdered Chalk Plow Mixer


Partial application list. Please contact us to discuss your application in more detail.

B&P batch mixers are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations to meet your processing demands. From small-scale laboratory mixers for precise, repeatable performance for R&D applications, to the largest production mixers with capacities of 1,000 gallons (3,800 litres) – we offer the industry’s broadest portfolio. All machines are available with a wide range of blade types, discharge options, and other features to adapt to your needs.

When your application demands the highest throughput and exceptional mixing consistency, B&P’s line of continuous extruders are ideal. Our BP Series features a unique clamshell design for easy access to the extruder screws for cleaning, changeover and preventive maintenance. For more demanding compounding applications, our solid barrel CT series offer high-speed and high-torque for the toughest materials. Our TriVolution Compounder combines the high shear mixing capability of twin screw extrusion with the efficiency and distributive mixing of continuous kneaders to offer the best of both worlds.