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Vertical Planetary Batch Mixer

Vertical Planetary Batch Mixer

When it comes to mixing energetics safely and effectively, the B&P Littleford Planetary Batch Mixer can’t be beaten.

This is our primary system for mixing energetics (used worldwide by hundreds of long-term customers) with good reason. The B&P Littleford Planetary Batch Mixer has provided unparalleled effectiveness with unsurpassed safety – not to mention the kind of reliability that makes for well-satisfied customers across a variety of industries.

Planetary Batch Mixer Design Features

The Planetary Batch Mixer from B&P Littleford has a unique design with the off-center mounting of the mixing blades. This ensures that the mixture is uniform and homogenous, with no hot spots or dead spots throughout.

Mixing energetics safely and effectively has a unique set of requirements that this mixer from B&P Littleford was made to handle. It’s why this particular mixer was a revolutionary new design – not a redesign of existing manufacturing and mixing equipment.

One of the most exciting applications of the Planetary Batch Mixer was the Regal Rocket Propellant Mixer, a whopping 38 feet high, and weighing over 160,000 pounds.

Whether your needs are for mixing rocket fuel or any other energetics component with the most precise requirements for precision and safety, the team at B&P Littleford can design the equipment and systems to set you up for success.

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