Chemical Mixing Equipment

Chemical Mixing Equipment

Continuous availability and purity under extreme conditions

Complex processes are required to recover the chemicals in the organic, inorganic and petrochemical industries from which a huge range of commodities are produced. A recurring task in these processes is the chemical extraction and mechanical separation of substances and phases. B&P Littleford, an oil & gas centrifugal separator manufacturer, has been supporting the chemical industry for decades in diverse separating duties. We also manufacture chemical mixing equipment for other applications in the chemical sector. 

From gentle treatment of fragile crystals to process management that meets maximum IP and SIP requirements, and comprehensive safety, for e.g. in the treatment of concentrated acid compounds or explosive mixtures – our specialty extruders and chemical mixing equipment developed specifically for these sectors meet exceptionally high standards of safety, hygiene, and product quality. Request a quote to learn more about our chemical mixing equipment.

Chemicals Applications & Equipment

Application Equipment
Uranium POD
Fumaric Acid POD
Phenol from Wastewater POD
Benzene with alkali POD
Esters POD
Ethyl acetate and Benzene POD
Pesticides POD
Herbicides POD
Effluent POD
Aromatics POD
Biodiesel POD
Glycerin POD
Sterol Glucosides POD
N-Paraffin POD
White Oil POD
Sulfonate Soap POD
Adipic Acid Pusher
Bisphenol A Pusher
Caprolactam Pusher
Paraxylene Pusher
Polyterephthalic Acid Pusher
Sodium Bicarbonate Pusher
Sodium Cyanide Pusher
Sodium Chloride Pusher
Potassium Chloride Pusher
Ammonium Chloride Pusher
Potassium Sulfate Pusher
Ammonium Sulfate Pusher
Sodium Chlorate Pusher
Sodium Nitrate Pusher
Potassium Chlorate Pusher
Potassium Nitrate Pusher
Urea Pusher
Nitrocellulose Pusher
Carbon Compounds Double Arm
Cellulose Plow Mixer
Powdered Metals Plow Mixer
Glass Bubbles Plow Mixer
Glass Beads Plow Mixer
Ceramic Plow Mixer
Abrasives Plow Mixer
Wood Flour Plow Mixer
Aluminum Powder Plow Mixer
Vermiculite Plow Mixer
Lime Plow Mixer
Carbon Compounds Plow Mixer
Graphite Plow Mixer
Ash Plow Mixer
Silica Plow Mixer
Lithium Ore Plow Mixer
Friction Material Plow Mixer
Paint Waste Plow Mixer
Welding Rod Flux Plow Mixer
Brake Pad Material Plow Mixer
Coal Fines Plow Mixer
Molybdenum Trioxide Plow Mixer
Nitrocellulose Plow Mixer
Titanium Dioxide Plow Mixer
Agricultural Chemicals Plow Mixer
Herbicides Plow Mixer
Biomass Plow Mixer
Cerium Stearate Plow Mixer
Tungsten Carbide Powder Plow Mixer
Calcium Oxide Plow Mixer
Pesticides Plow Mixer
Fire Extinguisher Powder Plow Mixer
Potassium Phosphate Plow Mixer
Fly Ash Plow Mixer
Zinc Oxide Plow Mixer
Tungsten Oxide Plow Mixer
Activated Charcoal Plow Mixer
Cerium Oxide Plow Mixer
Nano Particles Plow Mixer


Partial application list. Please contact us to discuss your application in more detail.