Centrifugal & Process Mixer Spare Parts

Centrifugal & Process Mixer Spare Parts

Spare Parts

Each machine is as unique as the products that it handles. By using original high-quality B&P Littleford spare parts, you will receive the optimum in performance and durability. We offer spare parts for all types and generations of machinery.

B&P Littleford stocks a wide range of standard parts for various machines. If the parts you need are not in stock, we can get them manufactured for you quickly.

Support for spare parts management and machine maintenance items are available through our dedicated customer service representatives. Request a quote for more information!

Spare Parts at a glance

  • Spare parts kits and packages
  • Spare parts maintenance and repair
  • Spare part ordering
  • Machine upgrades and modernization


You want Maximum Output

B&P Littleford’s proven refurbishment programs will enable you to achieve increased durability and improved availability levels, as well as supporting you to achieve other enhanced performance objectives.

Centrifuge products and smaller scale mixing equipment can be rebuilt and refurbished at our Saginaw, Michigan Headquarters. Larger machine refurbishments are usually carried out on site. All refurbishment services are performed by B&P Littleford employed and trained experts.


Refurbishment at a glance:

  • Mechanical upgrades for improved performance
  • Latest performance and safety features
  • Complete refurbishment program
  • Machine repairs and rebuilds

Field Service

We are there for you whenever and wherever you need us.

Our engineers and service technicians will ensure that your equipment receives the best possible care.

The close cooperation with our customers, combined with optimal maintenance and the use of high-quality original parts, ensures that machine downtime is reduced to a minimum.

Field Services at a glance

  • Installation and Commissioning
  • Repair and Maintenance
  • On-site machine Refurbishments
  • Machine upgrades and Modernization
  • Line optimization
  • Technical Audits
  • Engineer and operator training
  • Production support and coaching
  • Service and Maintenance Contracts


Work, Dedication & Competence in Aftermarket Services

We are able to provide full-service repair and rebuilds for B&P Littleford products, as well as other brands of industrial mixing and separation equipment. We can service and refurbish parts, upgrade mechanical systems, equipment, and control systems to ensure maximum performance from your equipment investment.

  • Rebuilds:
    • Complete Restoration
    • Recertification
  • Assembly Exchange
    • Shafting Assembly
    • Rotating Kits
  • Retrofits and Upgrades
    • Modernization
    • Performance Enhancements