Liquid Solid Separation Equipment

Liquid Solid Separation Equipment

What is Liquid Solid Separation?

In Liquid Solid Separation, or Liquid-Solid Extraction, a solvent (hydrophilic or hydrophobic, acidic, neutral or basic) is added to a solid forming a slurry. Insoluble material can be separated by gravity or vacuum filtration, and soluble material is "extracted" into the solvent. A sequence of solvents, of varying polarity or pH, can be used to separate complex mixtures into groups. 

How does Liquid Solid Extraction Differ from Liquid Liquid Extraction? 

Solid-liquid extraction is similar to liquid-liquid extraction, except that the solute is dispersed in a solid matrix, rather than in a carrier liquid.

What Industries Use this Extraction Process?

This process can be applied to a number of industries, including: 

How Does an Extraction Process Work for Liquid-Solid Separation? 

Slurries are introduced through a specially designed feed funnel system that ensures even cake distribution. The gentle handling of the solids in the feed-zone does not promote crystal breakage and fracturing. The B&P feed funnel eliminates the need for any feed-acceleration devices which can promote particle degradation. Solids collect on the rugged, single-stage screen and feed liquors drain through the capillaries that form as the cake is built. While in rotation, liquids are driven through the cake (by way of the dewatering capillaries) because of centrifugal force. As the cake is advanced by the pusher plate’s reciprocating motion, the solids easily move down the length of the dewatering screen. To learn more about our Pusher Centrifuge and it's liquid solid separation capabilities, please visit the Pusher Centrifuge page. 

Which B&P Littleford Equipment is Best for Liquid Solid Extraction? 

B&P Littleford's Pusher Centrifuge is most appropriate for Liquid-Solid Separation. This machine has a unique design, produces a thicker cake (which can lead to better product quality), and many more advantages. Visit the page to learn more!