Tri-Kneader Mixer



B&P Littleford’s TriVolution® Compounder is a very distinct mixing machine that reciprocates the process screw 3 times for every 1 revolution. The flights interact with pins in the barrel much in the same way a continuous kneader does.

High Performance & Efficiency

Our recirpocating continuous kneader offers excellent dispersive and distributive mixing without damaging critical ingredients by its innovative mixing mechanism. Its controlled shear with enhanced material exposure is also well adapted for devolatilization and reactive processing. The TriVolution® mixer also establishes the highest standard of performance in shear sensitive mixing applications while achieving the highest energy efficiency.

Recognizing the compounding industry's need for improved mixing technology, B&P Littleford has achieved what could have been considered impossible with Continuous Kneaders and Twin Screws. The B&P Littleford TriVolution® tri-kneader mixer is uniquely designed and has set a new industry standard by mixing higher quality material, faster and cheaper.

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