Vertical High Intensity Mixer

Vertical High Intensity Mixer

B&P Littleford LM Series High Intensity Mixing equipment are available in 10-2500 liter sizes. These high shear mixing equipment range from lab mixers to production size units. The mixers use a mechanical high shear action to mix fast or heat up materials.

Compounds can heat up from room temperature to 230°F in 4 to 8 minutes. Homogenous dispersion mixing is the key to our multiple blade configurations. 

High Intensity Mixer Design Features:

  • All high shear mixers are equipped with a 304 stainless steel bowl and blades.
  • Unique high efficiency blade design, which improves reliability.
  • Mixing blades are coated with a special formulated coating to enhance blade life.
  • Bowls can be coated for longer life.
  • Flush bottom discharge for complete clean out.
  • Double discharge available.
  • Lid opening can be vertical, horizontal, or both.
  • Temperature monitoring thermocouple.
  • High efficiency motors that drive the mixing blades through a belt drive arrangement.
  • Many more options are available to customize your needs.


B&P Littleford has supplied thousands of high shear mixing equipment to the Plastic and Chemical industries for mixing PVC, Polyolefin, Thermoplastics, Wood Composites, Color Concentrates, Pigments, and Toner Powder. Request a quote to learn how we can help you with your unique mixing application.