Plow Mixing for Reactions

The mixing action in a DVT Plow Mixer will allow intimate particle contact which enables chemical reactions to take place.

The reaction products can then be dried under vacuum to generate a usable product. The mixers can perform reactions using:

  • Two solids with a small amount of solvent to initiate the reaction
  • A liquid and solid to generate a solid product
  • Two liquids to generate a solid product
  • A solid and a gas reactant to create a solid

The mixing action allows for a reduction of water/solvent to carry out the reaction which reduces the overall cycle time. A level of control can be placed on the reaction mechanism with addition rate control and use of heating or cooling to prevent side reactions.

Polymerization reactions can be carried out as well. In addition, flavors can be produced or enhanced by performing a reaction associated with roasting operations.

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