Carbon Paste

Carbon Paste

Performance, Availability, Reliability

B&P Littleford Carbon Paste Continuous Kneaders (CK-CP Kneaders) are ideal for green anode paste mixing. Their rugged design, unique efficient mixing mechanism, coupled with easy access for maintenance, maximize paste throughput and minimize plant downtime.


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Double Arm

Söderberg paste mixing

 Submerged arc electrodes for Ferroalloy furnaces, calcium carbide.

Carbon Paste Kneader

Green anode paste mixing of calcined coke with pitch

Carbon anodes for electrolytic smelting of Aluminum.

Industry-Leading Efficiency

B&P Littleford’s Carbon Paste Kneader is your most cost-effective solution for anode paste production. No competitive system features the efficiency or throughput of a B&P Littleford Carbon Paste Kneader. With the highest production output, paste density, and lowest specific anode consumption, we set the standard.

Consistent, Reliable Mixing

The Carbon Paste Kneader is a rotating and reciprocating single-screw mixer wherein the flights on the screw interact with three rows of stationary kneading teeth fixed to the lined barrel. The interaction between the moving flights and the stationary teeth provide dispersive and distributive mixing simultaneously. The result is a homogeneous mixture, with optimum mixing and dispersion, resulting in highest green paste density for consistent quality anodes.

Minimized Maintenance Costs

With segmented systems designed for easy access, operators can handle maintenance and repair situations with minimal tear-down required. When components require replacing or rebuilding, only the worn part needs to be replaced. This minimizes downtime and spare parts costs.