Horizontal Batch & Clamshell Cooler

Horizontal Batch & Clamshell Cooler

B&P Littleford LR Series Coolers are available in 700 to 8000 liter sizes. These range from lab mixers to production size. The mixers use a mechanical heat transfer plow flow action to mix and keep material turning.

With a specially designed 90 PSI jacket, cold water flows through efficiently yielding fast cool times. PVC compounds are cooled down from 230° F to 120°F in minutes depending on formulations.




Design features and options include:

  • Our specially designed heat transfer plows and the high efficiency jacket achieve superior thermal transfer.
  • All Coolers are constructed with a 304 stainless steel drum and blades.
  • Flush bottom discharge for complete clean out.
  • Lid opens vertically for wide open end to end clean out.
  • Temperature monitoring thermocouple.
  • Double batch capabilities.
  • Other options available to customize to your needs.


B&P Littleford has supplied thousands of these units to the Plastic and Chemical industries for mixing PVC, Polyolefin, Thermoplastics, Wood Composites, Color Concentrates, Pigments and Toner Powder. Request a quote to learn how we can help you with your unique mixing application