Liquid Liquid Centrifugal Separator

Liquid Liquid Centrifugal Separator

Horizontal Centrifuge Manufacturer

B&P’s Podbielniak® Contactor (POD®) is a horizontal liquid liquid centrifugal extractor that processes liquids for accelerated solvent extraction. The two main functions of this machine are liquid liquid separation (must have specific gravity difference of .01 or greater) and the liquid-liquid extraction process through counter-current flow.

This separation technology is often selected for temperature-sensitive operations, when trying to reduce footprint and solvent inventory from a tower, and when speed of process is important.

The POD® has been in service for over 60 years and is still finding new applications where other liquid liquid separation or extraction processing equipment cannot perform. B&P Littleford is a horizontal centrifuge manufacturer with a very knowledgeable staff and top notch test facility to help trial the unit and identify/optimize your process.

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Process Examples

Process Example 1 (solvent extraction): The separation of acetic acid from dilute solutions of water can be very costly if done by distillation alone. By running the material through the POD® first, the majority of the water is removed and the final product is realized by distilling a much smaller amount of water, which saves energy.

Process Example 2 (fermentation broth): A fermentation broth needs to be brought up to temperature for extraction but can only stand that temperature for a few minutes without degrading the active product. The POD® is the only extraction unit that will get the active product out and back down to temperature within a very short and consistent time frame.

Sample Applications of a Liquid Liquid Centrifugal Extractor

B&P's POD Centrifuge has a number of different applications in a variety of industries. Some examples of applications include:

Industry Application Product

Liquid Ion Exchange (LIX)


Liquid-Liquid Extraction&nbsp:0;(LLE)

Vanadium extraction, yellow cake extraction

Citric acid, phenol from wastewater

Acrylics, Butadiene with Cuprous ammonium acetate, Fumaric acid (Maleic acid), Hydrogen Peroxide, Liquid smoke

Chemical Washing Benzene with alkali, Bromobutyl rubber, Chlorobenzene with alkali, Chlorobutyl rubber, Esters, Ethyl acetate &amp:0; Benzene, Pesticides, Herbicides, Nylon intermediate, Organic peroxides, Plasticizers, Polycarbonate, Polyether polyols, Trans polyisoprene



Edible Oil

Citral extraction from Limonine, Hops extraction

Cooking oil water washing

Refining Oleic oils, refining "Lauric" oils, Effluent processing, Fish oils

Pharmaceutical Liquid-Liquid Extraction&nbsp:0;(LLE) Various antibiotics such as Penicillin G, Penicillin V, Rifampicin, Tylosin, Bacitracin, Erythromycin, Alkaloids, Giberillin, Estrogen, Lysergic / DCETH, Nicotinic acid, Phytochemicals, Vitamins A from fish oil, Vitamin C, Statins, Vaccine production, Anti-cancer drugs, steroids, enzymes, hormones

Lube Oil

Naphthenic Crude Processing

Bioethanol, Biodiesel Production

Aromatics extraction, Color index &amp:0; oil quality improvement

Caustic treating, Water washing, naphthenic acid recovery and washing

Biodiesel glycerol separation, biodiesel washing, removal of sterol glucosides, glycerol processing&nbsp:0;

Specialty Oils Oleum Treating, Neutralization, Washing, Sulfonate Soap Extraction N-Paraffin, Transformer oils, White oil

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