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Kneader Machine for Plastics & Rubber Mixing

While B&P Littleford’s Pods and Pushers are used upstream during the production of plastics resins and intermediate chemicals, B&P Littleford Twin-Screw ExtrudersContinuous Kneaders, and TriVolution Compounders are the workhorses for a wide range of plastics compounding applications. For composite applications, stiff viscous pastes such as DMC, BMC, SMC, epoxy, polyester, silicone, and various other molding compounds have a long track record of being successfully compounded on B&P Littleford horizontal batch mixers.

From laboratory extruders to high-performance compounding systems to turnkey solutions from raw material feeding to the entire downstream equipment, by customizing it to our customers’ plastics applications, we guarantee maximum throughput rates with the greatest possible economy and highest quality for our extruders and compounding plants.

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Plastics Applications & Equipment



Acrylics POD
Butadiene POD
Nylon Intermediate POD
Plasticizers POD
Polycarbonate POD
Polyether polyols POD
Polyamide Pusher
Polycarbonate Pusher
PET Pusher
ABS Pusher
PE Pusher
PP Pusher
PVC TriVolution & Vertical High Intensity
Powder Coating Twin Screw/TriVolution
Masterbatch Twin Screw/TriVolution
Color Concentrate Twin Screw/TriVolution
Filled Thermoplastics Twin Screw/TriVolution
BMC Twin Screw/TriVolution
Hot Melt Adhesives Twin Screw/TriVolution
Reinforced Thermoplastics Twin Screw/TriVolution
TPE Twin Screw/TriVolution
Silicon Twin Screw/TriVolution
Silicone Compounds Twin Screw/TriVolution
Fiber Reinforced Compounds Twin Screw/TriVolution
BMC Double Arm
Pigments Plow Mixer
Powder Coating Plow Mixer
Gum Rubber Plow Mixer
Wax Plow Mixer
Melamine Plow Mixer


Partial application list. Please contact us to discuss your application in more detail.