Industrial Mixers for Plastics Mixing

Industrial Mixers for Plastics Mixing

B&P Littleford designs, develops, and delivers high-performing, long-lasting industrial mixers & kneader machines for plastics mixing, as well as separators and compounders perfect for use in the plastics industry.

B&P Littleford’s twin-screw extruders, horizontal batch mixers, continuous kneaders, and TriVolution compounders are expertly engineered, skillfully constructed and rigidly tested to perform the demanding task of plastic mixing and compounding.

If you don’t see what you need, B&P Littleford can custom design and develop the ideal extruder or compounding solution for your most challenging plastics applications.

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Providing the product you need

B&P Littleford’s twin-screw extruders, horizontal batch mixers, continuous kneaders, and TriVolution compounders provide maximum throughput rates at the greatest possible economy.

Twin Screw Extruder

B&P Littleford’s line of twin-screw extruders can handle the most challenging and demanding applications that require kneading, dispersive mixing, distributive mixing, and reactive extrusion.

B&P Littleford’s line of twin-screw extruders feature:

  • Modular segmented barrel sections
  • Various sized screws for maximum flexibility
  • Specially adapted upstream equipment for feeding
  • Touch display process control system that regulates and monitor the mixing process in real time
  • Productive - 30% greater intake capacity over traditional extruders
  • Consistent performance
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Can use patented XLT (extra low temperature) discharge for enhanced pumping efficiency

Use B&P Littleford’s twin-screw extruders in the plastics industry for:

  • PVC pelletizing
  • Powder coating
  • Masterbatch
  • Color concentrate
  • Filled thermoplastics
  • BMC
  • Hot melt adhesives
  • Reinforced thermoplastics
  • TPE
  • Silicon
  • Silicone compounds

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Continuous Kneaders

B&P Littleford Carbon Paste Continuous Kneaders (CK-CP Kneaders) are ideal for proficient and precise kneading in the plastics industry.

  • Deliver maximum throughput
  • Provide consistent mixing
  • Equipped with efficient mixing mechanism
  • Segmented system design means minimal tear-down required for maintenance or part replacement
  • Peak shear rate lower than other compounders
  • Operates at comparatively lower internal pressure
  • Uniformity of temperature, pressure and narrow residence time distribution
  • Greater surface area, more free volume, and higher specific torque capability
  • Total shear strain is controllable by adding or removing pins and flights
  • Ability to measure melt temperature or inject liquids at any point along the process
  • Efficient self-wiping mixing mechanism

B&P Littleford’s Continuous Kneaders are available in a wide range of screw sizes and include an array of features:

  • Screw sizes from 30 mm to 300 mm with process lengths ranging from 8 to 20 L/D
  • Compact, high-performance gearbox, capable of screw speeds up to 750 rpm.
  • Cored screw shaft option for fluid tempering.
  • Electric heating and water cooling (standard) or fluid cooling (optional)
  • Customized supporting equipment available include top feeders, side feeders, vacuum vent stuffers, vacuum connection chute, melt pump, discharge extruders and die face pelletizer
  • Easy to clean split barrel results in faster product changeover

In the plastics industry, use continuous kneaders for:

  • Pigment
  • Powder coating
  • Gum rubber
  • Wax
  • Melamine

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With its unique and innovative design, B&P Littleford’s TriVolution® Compounder offers excellent dispersive and distributive mixing without damaging critical ingredients.

B&P Littleford’s TriVolution® Compounder reciprocates the process screw three times for every one revolution. Flights interact with pins in the barrel much in the same way a continuous kneader does. Its controlled shear with enhanced material exposure also works well for devolatilization and reactive processing.

The TriVolution Compounder features:

  • High performing
  • Energy efficient
  • Cost effective
  • Uniquely design allows for faster mixing

In the plastics industry, use the TriVolution Compounder for:

  • PVC
  • Powder coating
  • Masterbatch
  • Color concentrate
  • Filled thermoplastics
  • BMC
  • Hot melt adhesives
  • Reinforced thermoplastics
  • TPE
  • Silicon
  • Silicone compounds

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Horizontal Plow Mixer

B&P Littleford Horizontal Plow Mixer creates fluid mixing action. The mixing tools project and hurl material away from a wall into free space in a crisscross direction, and inversely back again. The plow separates and lifts the product in a three-dimensional motion, while the number and arrangement of the tools insure agitation back and forth along the length of the vessel.

The size, number, geometric shape, arrangement, and peripheral speed of the mixing tools are designed to achieve this mixing action for each specific application. When required, the mix action is assisted by high shear chopper devices: independent high-speed motors with customized blades for adding shear to the product mix.

The Horizontal Plow Mixer also features:

  • Large doors allow full interior access
  • CIP/SIP hardware options available
  • "Easy Clean" design available for batch or continuous material mixing
  • Split seal assembly
  • No special cleaning or maintenance tools required
  • Bearings and drive components not disturbed during cleaning

In the plastics industry, use the horizontal mixer for:

  • Gum Rubber
  • DMC
  • BMC
  • SMC
  • Epoxy
  • Polyester
  • Silicone

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Podbielniak® Contactor (POD®)

B&P’s Podbielniak® Contactor (POD®) is a horizontal axis liquid-liquid centrifugal extractor that processes liquids for accelerated solvent extraction. The two main functions of this machine are liquid-liquid separation and the liquid-liquid extraction process through counter-current flow.

B&P’s Podbielniak® Contactor (POD®):

  • Reliable: POD® has been in service for more than 60 years
  • Runs smoothly: Uses a dual bearing lubrication system - one for normal operation, one for flush cleaning
  • Durable: Lower operating rpm means rotating parts last longer
  • Easy to clean: Rotor elements use Asco tubes and Ferralium alloy liners
  • Sturdily construction: Made of 316 stainless steel. Non-contact parts and attachments in 304 stainless steel and chrome

In the plastics industry, use the POD to process:

  • Acrylics
  • Butadiene
  • Nylon Intermediate
  • Plasticizers
  • Polycarbonate
  • Polyether polyols

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Pusher Centrifuge

B&P Littleford's Pusher Centrifuges (liquid-solid separation centrifuges) relentlessly separate coarse solids from free-draining crystalline slurries in the most extreme conditions. The impressive reliability record for Pusher Centrifuges is grounded in its sound design, precise engineering and top-grade construction.

Pusher Centrifuges are developed and manufactured for standard products, but can be customized for special or difficult solid separation applications.

B&P Littleford Pusher Centrifuges feature:

  • Single-piece, reversible, wedge-slot screen that efficiently separates solids and liquids
  • Screen supported by a centrifugally cast, milled-slot cage basket
  • Heavy-duty bearings carry the main hollow shaft, which drives the basket
  • Belt-driven hydraulic pump for energy efficiency, safety and reliability
  • Internal, self-contained hydraulic piston driving the pusher shaft
  • Rugged base provides rigid support for the entire rotating assembly
  • Cooling coils that maintain the hydraulic system temperature at optimum levels

In the plastics industry, use the Pusher Centrifuge for:

  • Polyamide
  • Polycarbonate
  • PET
  • ABS
  • PE
  • PP

Delivering the service you deserve

B&P Littleford designs, develops, and delivers a wide range of mixing, drying, compounding, reacting, extracting and centrifugal separation equipment for many different manufacturing applications. Our industrial mixers for plastic mixing are backed by our experience and expertise in the industry.

  • More than 100 years of industry experience
  • Quality parts and service
  • Professional, knowledgeable staff
  • Top-notch testing facilities

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Plastics Applications & Equipment



Acrylics POD
Butadiene POD
Nylon Intermediate POD
Plasticizers POD
Polycarbonate POD
Polyether polyols POD
Polyamide Pusher
Polycarbonate Pusher
PET Pusher
ABS Pusher
PE Pusher
PP Pusher
PVC TriVolution & Vertical High Intensity
Powder Coating Twin Screw/TriVolution
Masterbatch Twin Screw/TriVolution
Color Concentrate Twin Screw/TriVolution
Filled Thermoplastics Twin Screw/TriVolution
BMC Twin Screw/TriVolution
Hot Melt Adhesives Twin Screw/TriVolution
Reinforced Thermoplastics Twin Screw/TriVolution
TPE Twin Screw/TriVolution
Silicon Twin Screw/TriVolution
Silicone Compounds Twin Screw/TriVolution
Fiber Reinforced Compounds Twin Screw/TriVolution
BMC Double Arm
Pigments Plow Mixer
Powder Coating Plow Mixer
Gum Rubber Plow Mixer
Wax Plow Mixer
Melamine Plow Mixer


Partial application list. Please contact us to discuss your application in more detail.