Value-Added Services

Value-Added Services

Value-Added Services

Even the best process equipment will only continue to perform properly if it is well maintained and upgraded regularly in line with state-of-the-art technology.

The close cooperation with our customers, combined with optimal maintenance and the use of high-quality original parts ensures that machine downtime is reduced to a minimum. Request a quote to learn more. 

Spares Stock Consulting

Through our spare parts stock consulting system, we can support customers to maximize their spare parts availability, achieve capex and stock reductions and eliminate obsolete stock items. We are able to analyze the spare parts availability and develop solutions to optimize your stock.

Technical Audit

Conducting Technical Audits of your process enables us to highlight potential problems. By taking preventative action and improving the processes, our customers can lower costs and save money. The service provides a periodic health check and performance assessment for equipment that can also be used to make recommendations for future improvements.

On-site Training

To achieve the maximum efficiency from your process equipment and detect potential issues in advance both operators and production engineers need to be fully conversant with the equipment that they are operating. B&P Littleford’s after-market services are focused on developing proactive hands-on training packages that encompass all the skill requirements of key operators and site engineers in a modular training structure.

This practical approach to training in the production environment enables participants to receive instruction directly on the equipment they control and also encourages them to raise questions and concerns proactively. Training is provided by our Service Technicians and tailored to suit your bespoke equipment and the issues that you are facing at your site.

    • Safety Training
    • Operator Training
    • Service Training


Modernization through B&P Littleford’s proven refurbishment programs will enable you to achieve higher efficiency.

Minimizing maintenance requirements and easier availability of newer design spare parts are further reasons in favor of modernization. Additional benefits include lower training costs and retention of the existing line layout.

Modernization at a glance:

  • Line reconfiguration
  • Recommissioning
  • Latest machine and control upgrades to overcome obsolescence issues