Please Note: COVID-19

In an effort to assist as much as we can, B&P Littleford will make available our equipment and resources in the battle against COVID-19. If your company requires equipment for the extraction or separation of pharmaceutical products or healthcare-related products, or if you require the use of mixing equipment to produce goods to fight this disease, we are prepared to support you. Our experience includes aiding in the production of penicillin, ethromyicin, and more. This will be done at little or no cost to you. Please let us know how B&P Littleford can help win this battle. Click here to read our full statement.



Productivity, Reliability, Freshness

With the worldwide growth of processed food and beverage markets, the demands of our customers regarding the quality and variety of products are becoming increasingly stringent: lean, flowing processes, higher yield of the input raw materials coupled with efficient use of energy, environment and resources.

B&P Littleford has a long history of supplying a myriad of mixing and separation equipment to the food and beverage manufacturing and processing industries. This includes mixers, both batch and continuous as well as our new TriVolution Compounder. Our PODs are extensively used for liquid-liquid extraction and separation and our pusher centrifuges have had success in separating liquid-solid slurries. Request a quote for more information. 

Food Grade Centrifugal Separators & Equipment

Application Equipment
Liquid smoke POD
Citric Acid POD
Citral extraction from Limonine POD
Hops extraction POD
Cooking oil POD
Oleic Oils POD
Lauric Oils POD
Calcium Tartrate Pusher
Food Products Double Arm
Proteins Plow Mixer
Grated Cheese Plow Mixer
Cocoa Plow Mixer
Starch Reaction Plow Mixer
Bread Mix Plow Mixer
Cake Mix Plow Mixer
Spices Plow Mixer
Drink Mix Plow Mixer
Soft Drink Powder Plow Mixer
Gelatin Dessert Plow Mixer
Grain Plow Mixer
Wheat Plow Mixer
Soybean Meal Plow Mixer
Animal Feed Plow Mixer
Tea Powders Plow Mixer
Sugar Plow Mixer
Frosting Plow Mixer
Coffee Beans Plow Mixer
Oats Plow Mixer
Dextrin Plow Mixer
Candy Plow Mixer
Confection Plow Mixer
Citric Acid Plow Mixer
Soup Mix Plow Mixer
Whey Plow Mixer
Fruit Plow Mixer
Icing Plow Mixer
Glazes Plow Mixer
Cereal Plow Mixer
Flax Seed Plow Mixer
Pectin Plow Mixer
Vanilla Bean Plow Mixer
Okara Plow Mixer
Bouillon Plow Mixer
Stevia Plow Mixer
Tannin Plow Mixer


Partial application list. Please contact us to discuss your application in more detail.