Vacuum Drying

Vacuum Drying

Due to the fluidized bed mixing action, the Plow Mixer can be used for vacuum drying to remove water or solvent from a filter cake or slurry.

The mixing action generates an excellent heat transfer coefficient from the wall to the product. Use of vacuum allows for reduced product temperatures while removing the volatile component.

Prudent use of the chopper can speed the drying curve by breaking up the large clumps generated during the drying. The smaller lumps or particles then offer an enhanced surface area for volatilization and heat transfer.

In addition, the mixing action allows for drying to occur simultaneously with spraying for coating purposes.

This phenomenon allows the material being dried to remain on the dry side of a potential "mud phase" where higher power requirements occur or the product becomes too sticky to mix well. The dry bed of material can be either a reserved portion of the dried product or an excipient.

Since the mixing action produces a high heat transfer coefficient, the mixers can also be used to cool products or remove heat generated by reactions.