Slurry Separation Equipment

Slurry Separation Equipment

For many manufacturers, keeping your powder dry is crucial.

Removing moisture from large volumes of powder, granules and other materials is essential in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, agricultural, and plastics industries.

For the best vacuum drying equipment in the industry, depend on B&P Littleford.

B&P Littleford designs, develops, and delivers high-performing, long-lasting vacuum dryer equipment ideal for your exacting drying needs and most demanding applications.

B&P Littleford’s vacuum drying equipment is expertly engineered, precisely manufactured, and rigidly tested to effectively and efficiently dry, mix and react powders, granules, and other materials.

What is vacuum drying?

Vacuum drying creates the ideal temperature and pressure so powders, granules, and other materials dry quickly, gently, and carefully to maintain their consistency and characteristics. Once dried, the powders, granules and other material can be packaged or mixed with other ingredients.

Vacuum drying occurs in an air-tight vessel. Pumps reduce the pressure and humidity within a chamber, allowing the materials inside to dry quickly through contact with the heated walls.

Supplying the system you need

Many industries and manufacturers rely on efficient and effective vacuum drying is essential to their operations. Vacuum drying is one of the foremost industrial techniques used to process powders, granules and other materials.

B&P Littleford’s durable, reliable vacuum drying equipment can be used for:


  • Pharmaceutical powders
  • Food products
  • Sludge
  • Wood
  • Ceramics


  • Plastics and chemicals


  • Fruit concentrate
  • Freeze dried coffee
  • Powdered milk

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Providing the product you want

B&P Littleford’s vacuum drying equipment provides high-quality drying, mixing, and reacting all in one, high-performing unit. B&P Littleford’s vacuum drying equipment also is designed to meet or exceed GMP and EHEDG standards.

Polyphase Reactor

B&P Littleford’s Polyphase Reactor can handle materials that can convert from liquid into doughy, granular, or powder form as they dry.

Polyphase Reactors also feature:

  • Combined pressure and high vacuum operational controls
  • Effective heat transfer (heating or cooling)
  • Load from the top
  • Discharge at the bottom
  • Meets all ASME Code Standards
  • Mixing can be supplemented by high-speed choppers positioned between adjacent plows for high shear applications.

BP Littleford’s Polyphase Reactors offer a host of advantages over other vacuum dryers:

  • Effective heat transfer means controlled reaction
  • Improved reaction rate
  • Increased reaction efficiencies
  • Entire process can be completed in a single unit
  • Less solvent or diluent needs to be used

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Horizontal Plow Mixer

B&P Littleford’s Plow Mixer can be used for vacuum drying - to remove water or solvent from a filter cake or slurry, such as in concrete slurry dewatering.

The mixing action generates an excellent transfer of heat from the wall to the product. By using a vacuum, the material’s temperature is reduced and volatile component removed.

Prudent use of a chopper can accelerate drying by breaking up large clumps formed during the drying. The mixing action also allows for drying to occur simultaneously with spraying for coating purposes.

The mixers also can be used to cool products or remove heat generated by reactions.

The Horizontal Plow Mixer also features:

  • Large doors allow full interior access
  • CIP/SIP hardware options available
  • "Easy Clean" design available for batch or continuous material mixing
  • Split seal assembly
  • No special cleaning or maintenance tools required
  • Bearings and drive components not disturbed during cleaning

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Delivering the service you deserve

B&P Littleford designs, develops, and delivers a wide range of mixing, drying, compounding, reacting, extracting, and centrifugal separation equipment for many different manufacturing applications.

  • More than 100 years’ industry experience
  • Quality products built to last
  • Responsive service and support
  • Professional, knowledgeable staff
  • Top-notch testing facilities