BP Twin Screw

BP Twin Screw

B&P Littleford’s sustained focus on offering proven compounding and mixing technology that is reliable, flexible to operate, and easy to maintain resulted in the enhanced BP series extruders.

The BP series extruders have larger free volume per unit length for a given diameter twin screw extrusion system. Owing to their inherent deeper channel screw geometry, their mixing operation is characterized by narrow residence time distribution, high rate of melt surface renewal, low gas speeds and low shear energy input. They are therefore widely used for highly filled compounds, TPE preparation, and in the reaction, concentration and residual degassing of various polymers.

BP Series Extruder Features

In addition to all the conventional advantages of twin-screw systems – including a more homogenous melt, efficient mixing, and continuous operation the BP Series Extruders feature:

  • Intermeshing, self-wiping screw design for reliable, efficient mixing operation.
  • Unique OD/ID ratio for deeper flights and high free volume availability, resulting in higher output.
  • High torque capability of the entire drive train for enhanced specific torque availability.
  • Optional hinged clamshell barrel design for easy access during maintenance, changeover, and cleaning.
  • Wide range of configuration options and supporting ancillary equipment such as high speed side feeders, vacuum vent stuffers, and customized control system to suit the demands of your application.

For more information about how the BP Twin Screw Extruder can fit your application, request a quote today. 

Expanded Capabilities

The BP Series Extruders expand the capabilities of compounders to allow for the following:

  • Higher torque thermoplastics compounding such as engineering plastics
  • Higher loading of mineral filler content due to greater free volume
  • Maintaining the aspect ratio of glass and natural fiber reinforcing components
  • Reducing thermal degradation of heat and shear sensitive materials
  • Improving de-aeration of low bulk density materials.
  • 30% greater intake capacity over traditional extruders.
  • Faster cleaning during product changeover due to the clamshell barrel.
  • Reduced footprint as you no longer need to pull the screws from the end of the barrel.
  • Advantage of using the patented XLT (extra low temperature) discharge for enhanced pumping efficiency.

Given all of these advantages, the BP Twin Screw Extruder has become the signature series compounder of the B&P Littleford product offering! Today, those adaptations continue to benefit the operators who run the BP-Series Twin-Screw Extruders. Request a quote for more information on running your product through this machine at our Saginaw, MI Tech Center.