Sterilizing/Pasteurization Processes

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Use of previous unit operations like Vacuum Drying and Accurate Solids Mixing can allow the mixers to be used to pasteurize materials. Temperature and pressure control allows for defined hold times to allow for a reduction in the overall microbial count without degrading the product. Complete sterilization of materials can be carried out as well, thus allowing for subsequent inoculation with the desired organism.

Quick heating cycles can be accomplished by introduction of steam directly into the product. The removal of the condensed moisture from heating allows for evaporative cooling of the product for inoculation.

Sterilizing/Pasteurization can also be accomplished by introducing alcohol with a sufficient hold time to affect the microbial kill. The alcohol can then be removed by Vacuum Drying. The introduction of heated air/gas can also be used to reduce the microbial count as well.