Agglomerating (Particle Size Enlargement) Solids

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The mixing action and shear input from the high-speed choppers in a plow mixer can be utilized to increase particle size and enhance mechanical flow properties of the solids or reduce the dustiness of the final product. This particle size increase typically requires the use of a binder and solvent. Drying of the final agglomerate can be performed after the agglomeration process.

The binder of choice will be dependent on the product being processed and its end use after mixing. It can be dry blended with the solid raw materials and activated by a reduced amount of water/solvent to activate the binding action. The binder can also be dissolved into the water/solvent and sprayed directly onto the solids through injection ports, if necessary.

Various methods of particle size control can be used including total kilowatt per unit weight, main plow power slope inflection, or chopper power as compared to main plow power. Testing is required to determine the final process control parameters. See Tech Article 118 – Industrial Nuisance Dust for more information.