Continuous Kneader

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The B&P Littleford Continuous Kneader is a moderate-shear rotating and reciprocating single-screw extruder ideally suited for shear- and temperature-sensitive compounds. The flights on the screw are interrupted and interact with three rows of stationary kneading pins located in the barrel wall. The interaction between the moving flights and the stationary pins provide dispersive mixing and distributive mixing simultaneously.

Pressurization and discharge shaping of the output from Continuous Kneaders is executed by utilizing a separate metering device such as a melt pump or a single-screw discharge extruder. The inherent separation of the kneading step from melt pressurization step results in greater process flexibility (i.e. a wider processing window), improves mechanical energy efficiency (efficient mixing at high screw speed combined with efficient pumping at lower metering speed) and lowers the overall melt temperature.

B&P Littleford Continuous Kneaders are well-proven in applications requiring gentle kneading, dispersive mixing and distributive mixing. They have a very successful track record in processing plastics, chemical products, powder coatings, toners, pharmaceutical products, adhesives, anode paste, solid rocket propellant, and foodstuffs. Contact us for more information on how your materials would process through a Continuous Kneader from B&P Littleford.