Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance is essential to optimize the operations and enhance the performance of all types of machinery. A Preventive Maintenance Agreement (PMA) with B&P Littleford for your vital process equipment ensures that appropriate and periodic maintenance activities are carried out at scheduled intervals.

When you have a PMA with B&P Littleford, you have more time to do what you do best - run your business. Trained technicians assist you by maintaining your equipment and driving down operating costs. In the end, everyone's goal is the same: helping you, our customer, get more work done at a lower cost.

Because Prevention is Better Than Repairs

B&P Littleford’s technicians, who are fully trained and familiar with your equipment, will visit your plant to perform the necessary inspection and maintenance work. A visit report with recommended actions and/or parts is submitted to you after each service visit. Working together with your own mechanics and operators, our service engineers will help your staff gain expert insight. Whenever possible, the same service engineer familiar with your plant will be assigned to your agreement. To benefit, simply sign up for an agreed series of service visits over a defined period of time and take advantage of a fixed price agreement tailored to your specific needs. Your equipment will be better maintained, resulting in more uptime and higher levels of efficiency.

There are no pre-set requirements or specific products and services that you must agree to buy. In every case and with every piece of equipment, a PMA is an individualized plan. Depending on your needs, your costs can be a flat rate monthly fee or some other periodic arrangement based on actual production hours. Your agreement may include as few or as many pieces of equipment as you wish. Your B&P Littleford representative will work with you to determine the best strategies to maximize productivity and minimize costs for your B&P Littleford equipment.

In the end, a PMA is a partnership between you and B&P Littleford that will help you succeed by leveraging our equipment management and servicing expertise. Contact us to learn more about setting up a PMA for your business.