COVID-19 Coronavirus Update

As the COVID-19 Coronavirus crisis continues to evolve around the globe, B&P Littleford has been closely monitoring the situation. We would like to assure our customers that most of our services will continue to run normally, as of now, and that we are following strict safety measures within our facility. We take the safety of our employees seriously.

While we move forward, some of our suppliers and shippers may be affected differently. If this causes an issue with an order, we will make sure to let you know.

Additionally, B&P Littleford provides field service work around the globe – with travel bans in place that are out of our control, there may also be delays of which you will be notified.

If the situation worsens or if we have any further updates, we will be sure to check back in. You can also contact us directly by messaging us here, calling 989-757-1300, or visiting

We wish you health and safety during this difficult time.