Please Note: COVID-19

In an effort to assist as much as we can, B&P Littleford will make available our equipment and resources in the battle against COVID-19. If your company requires equipment for the extraction or separation of pharmaceutical products or healthcare-related products, or if you require the use of mixing equipment to produce goods to fight this disease, we are prepared to support you. Our experience includes aiding in the production of penicillin, ethromyicin, and more. This will be done at little or no cost to you. Please let us know how B&P Littleford can help win this battle. Click here to read our full statement.

We are pleased to announce that B&P Littleford has been given the 2018 IFT Standout Exhibit Award!

 B&P Littleford was honored, specifically, in the category of Engaging & Informative Presentations/Demonstrations.

While conducting their thorough evaluations of over one thousand booths, IFT Judges looked for exhibits throughout the show that displayed particularly imaginative, creative, and effective ideas and practices.


In their award review of our booth, the judges stated:

"Though small in scale, this demo really delivers. Strategic placement lends additional visual support of key messaging to engage attendees. An effective in booth promotion."
We may not have the largest booth at every trade show, but we have worked tirelessly to optimize our space in an engaging and supportive way for our customers. Eye-catching graphics, machine models ready to demo, and colorful and informative presentations help us effectively stand out from the competition.
It is wonderful to be recognized for this achievement.
Thank you, IFT 2018!
Want to see our booth in person? Find us at one of our upcoming events here. Our 2019 schedule is coming soon!