Food & Drink International Profiles B&P Littleford

Food & Drink International Profiles

This month, B&P Littleford was honored to be featured in the esteemed publication, Food & Drink International. This magazine is one of the leading independent sources devoted to the food and drink industry worldwide. Food & Drink International has a global readership made up of tens of thousands of decision makers, which makes it a powerful tool for those with buying power and purchasing influence.

Bianca Herron of Food & Drink International spoke with Larry Slovin, CEO and President of B&P Littleford, about how B&P has become a leader in mixing solutions for a wide array of industries. Specifically, they discussed uses for our batch mixer in the food and beverage world and what makes this piece of equipment so unique. Other B&P Littleford employees also went on record to share their insight into what makes our company stand out from the competition.